Seeds on 36th: Urban Farm Store

A new type of garden center, focused on providing quality supplies for gardening of all kinds as well as classes and expert advise. Seeds on 36th is a place where you can shop, learn, and grow! To view our class schedule click here.

Phone: 704-900-6668

200 East 36th St.

Charlotte, NC 28206

Tuesdays - Saturdays 10am to 6pm 

Home Hydroponic Farming (July 1st)

Learn to grow your favorite vegetables and herbs year-round and get great yields using hydroponic farming techniques!...oh yeah and there is no weeding or watering! This two hour class will get you primed up on the basics of hydroponic farming at home as well as how to choose the best crops to grow from an economic standpoint. In addition you will receive a 10% discount of your next purchase at Seeds on 36th so you can save some loot on your start-up costs! Register here!

2017 Homegrown Tomato Festival - July 29th

Seeds on 36th will be on exhibit at the 2017 Homegrown Tomato on the lookout for our display!
Date: July 29th
Time: Starts at 1pm
Location: Midwood Country Club. Charlotte, NC