Ron Morgan, late founder of 100 Gardens

A vision 5 years in the making...

Since the formation of 100 Gardens in 2011, creating a garden center that forwards aquaponics and urban farming has been a goal of 100 Gardens. Now, after installing aquaponics gardens in several high schools, a correctional center and also in Haiti, the time to engage the greater public in urban farming is now!

As the multiple meaning of the name Seeds indicates, we are growing more than plants and the fish that support them, but germinating within people, young and old, a passion for growing in a responsible and fun manner. And, through the portal of the retail experience, we introduce people to the larger initiative of transforming and elevating our community to be a world model for what a sustainable city really looks like in regards to our food supply.

Seeds on 36th is a supporting partner of the non-profit organization 100 Gardens. A portion of profits earned by Seeds on 36th will be used to support the mission of building aquaponics and farming programs in our local schools...a true community initiative!

Ben Smith - Store Manager

Sam Fleming 

Monty Thompson 

Charles Oliphant