Home Hydroponic Farming (July 12)

Learn to grow your favorite vegetables and herbs year-round and get great yields using hydroponic farming techniques!...oh yeah and there is no weeding or watering! This two hour class will get you primed up on the basics of hydroponic farming at home as well as how to choose the best crops to grow from an economic standpoint. In addition you will receive a 10% discount of your next purchase at Seeds on 36th so you can save some loot on your start-up costs!

Aquaponics Workshops

100 Gardens hosts two all-day aquaponics workshops per year at Seeds on 36th. If you are serious about getting into aquaponics this is a great value...learn, see and ask questions in the classroom and off-site at one of the local aquaponics greenhouses maintained by 100 Gardens. Next Workshop is scheduled for September 2017...stay tuned!

Expert Advise

Our staff is knowledgeable in all types of growing! Just walk in, ask questions and find the information and products you need. If you need in-depth consultation make an appointment through our Contact Form.

For hydroponics & indoor growing help contact Ben Smith
For aquaponics & greenhouse help contact Sam Fleming
For organic growing & composting help contact Monty Thompson
For DIY projects and "prepper (rocket stoves, passive water heating...)" advise contact Charles Oliphant